The usual format for a FUNERAL or MEMORIAL service

There is no legally prescribed format for a funeral service. To honour and celebrate the life of one who has passed away, with your input, I will create a ceremony which reflects on the deceased one's unique nature and the influence that he or she had on the lives of others.

The service can be held in the chapel at the Crematorium or Cemetery park, the funeral director's chapel, at the graveside in the case of an interment, or any other place that you feel is appropriate for the deceased. Of course, a memorial service is often held at the graveside or cremation niche, but also may be held in a place that was special to the deceased. A memorial service may be held in which the cremated ashes are placed or scattered. Click on this link for information about the disposal of ashes  Fact Sheet Cremation Ashes

Your funeral director will advise you on the procedure if you wish to have the service in a park, or beach, or at home.The funeral service, or ceremony usually includes:

Candle Ceremony for a funeral
  • Music, either live or recorded 
  • A reflection on death and loss
  • Poetry and prose
  • A eulogy, paying tribute to the life and character of the person who has passed away
  • Participation by family and friends who may read tributes, perform music, or read poetry or prose
  • Symbols such as the lighting of candles or the placing of flowers by family members
  • A period of silence and reflection
  • Formal words of goodbye

To create a funeral ceremony for your loved one, I will talk with family and friends in order to learn as much about the deceased one as possible.  This is the most important part of creating a personal funeral, the writing of a funeral tribute which is true to their life story and personal qualities.

I will get and touch and come and see you to get all relevant information and requests.  I will plan and conduct the ceremony and eulogy with compassion and sensitivity to the needs and wishes of the family.

Funeral services are generally conducted at the chapel of the funeral director, at the graveside, or at the crematorium chapel.  However, it is possible by arrangement with your funeral director, to have the ceremony in a place that may have been special to the deceased.


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  • flowers placed on the coffin during the reflection, or at the end of the service
  • photographs from the life of the deceased
  • picture presentation on their life
  • playing of music which was special to the deceased
  • live music is a lovely touch to the ceremony
  • items special to the deceased  placed on the coffin
  • lighting of candles to symbolise the passing of life from the deceased to family members left behind
  • favourite sayings, books, poems etc. placed in or on the coffin
  • the release of balloons, doves or butterflies at the end of the service
  • acknowledgement of war service with prescribed  R.S.L. ritual
  • participation by Masonic brethren
  • acknowledgement of service organisation, lodge,  by use of symbols
  • display of sporting memorabilia
  • spoken tributes by family members or friends
  • cultural rituals
  • reading of prayers or poems
  • the use of cultural symbols

White doves

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